About Sun Up Solar of Texas

Oldest solar company in Texas

Why Go With Us?

In 1985 when the solar water heating tax credit ended, there were 23 companies listed in the phone book!  These were primarily the companies selling solar water heating systems.

In the 1986 phone book, Sun Up was one of only three companies listed as all the sales companies vanished when the tax credit ended.

Since 1986 those folks who bought from those now disappeared companies have become the good customers of Sun Up Enterprises. It is reasonable to expect history to repeat itself when the tax credits for solar electric generating systems go away in the next few years.

We will take over where others have left off.

Started Here - Stayed Here - Still Here

We stand by our work

Locally owned, offering Texas friendly service

We build based on your energy requirements and roof space

Installation included

25 year warranty

Protect Your Future

Call Us

(512) 492-5411


Some of our work

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