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Our experience with thousands of customers over the course of forty years has taught us that the first step in establishing a long-term successful relationship with the customer involves taking the time to understand how best we might be able to serve their needs and to be understood by the customer as to what we can do for them and what they can reasonably expect.

System design

If consultation is the first step in establishing a long-term successful relationship with the customer, having them understand what, how, and when we will be able to do for them comes from the development of an understandable system design.

Solar water heater installation & service

Heating water by solar thermal means is the highest and best use of solar energy as it is more efficient for this purpose than solar electric generating systems. A properly sized, properly functioning solar water heating system should provide 100% of a family’s hot-water requirements for about eight or nine months of the year.

As solar water heating systems are mechanical systems involving one or two pumps, valves, fittings, piping and insulation as well as a storage tank and solar panels; they benefit from periodic inspection and maintenance at least every couple of years to confirm that all of the functioning components are indeed operational and that any roof penetrations and insulation are securely sealed against the weather. Additionally, we drain flush and renew the nontoxic antifreeze during these periodic routine service and preventative maintenance procedures.

We install and maintain all types of solar water heating systems. Equally importantly, we provide ongoing service and maintenance of the systems to assure that they continue to function as intended.

Solar electric generating systems installation & service

In recent years the sale and installation of solar water heating systems has been secondary to the sale and installation of solar electric generating systems (photovoltaic systems). Not because the latter is more efficient for heating water, but because of the broader use to be made of energy produced from these systems… electricity. The energy produced from these systems supplements or replaces the energy being supplied by a home’s electric utility.

These systems are less mechanical than solar water heating systems and require less maintenance. In addition, thanks to modern technology, these systems typically enjoy a sophisticated monitoring component. When connected to the server of the systems inverter via the Internet, the homeowner and installer enjoy the capability of monitoring the performance of the system down to the level of the individual solar modules (panels) in near real time. This feature assures that the occurrence and location of a malfunction comes immediately to the attention of those interested.

We install and maintain all types of solar electric generating systems. Equally important, if not more importantly, we are committed to keeping our customers’ systems operating at optimal performance levels. As a result of the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of these systems, we become aware of a problem before our customer does and a call from us is their first notification of an issue needing attention.

Maintenance & repair (of all systems, not just Sun Up Installations)

In 1985 when the solar water heating tax credit ended, there were 23 companies listed in the phone book. These were primarily the companies selling solar water heating systems.

In the 1986 phone book Sun Up was one of only three companies listed as all the sales companies vanished when the tax credit ended. Since 1986 those folks who bought from those now disappeared companies have become the good customers of Sun Up Enterprises. It is reasonable to expect history to repeat itself when the tax credits for solar electric generating systems go away in the next few years. We will take over where others have left off.

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