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In 1987 we bought a home that had a solar water heating system installed by Sun Up Enterprises a few years earlier. Mr. Tonetti took it upon himself to make contact with us and explain the operation and benefits of the system which was foreign to us at the time. With occasional service and preventative maintenance, the system has served our family reliably over the years. We have always been impressed with the prompt and courteous service from Sun Up Enterprises.


We purchased our solar water heating system from Sun Up in 1985 and have been very pleased with its performance. We especially appreciate the fact that even though it may be several years in between our need to contact Mr. Tonetti, he has always been there for us with his prompt, professional attention.


Shady Hollow, Austin, TX

My parents bought a Sun Up solar water heating system in 1984 installed by Mr. Tonetti. They relied on him to dutifully check in with them every few years to come do routine service which has kept the system working great all this time. I now live in my parent’s home and am happy to have this long-standing relationship with the reliable folks at Sun Up.


Tonkawa Springs, Round Rock

About fifteen years ago we purchased a home in Anderson Mill that had a Sun Up solar water heating system on it. Shortly thereafter, we met Mr. Tonetti and we have been pleased with the service provided by the folks at Sun Up since then. In the summer of 2016 we had Sun Up install a 6KW solar electric generating system and do what they called a Home Energy Makeover. This makeover involved a thorough energy audit of our home and professional treatment of several areas to improve its energy efficiency. Our electric bill is always under $40 a month so we are very pleased.


Anderson Mill

We had Sun Up install a solar water heating system at are home in South Austin in 1984. Those folks have been there for us anytime we’ve needed them and they take responsibility for checking in with us periodically to confirm that our equipment is operating as it should be. Three years ago we had them install a 6KW solar electric generating system and do a home energy makeover. Our electric bills are rarely over $20 a month. We are very pleased with our relationship with Sun Up and Mr. Tonetti.


Oak Hill, Texas

In 2016 we hired Sun Up Solar of Texas to do a home energy makeover and install a 13 KW solar electric generating system. They recommended that a new roof be installed before the solar panels and even arranged for that work to be done. When the new roof was completed Sun Up’s crew showed up on time as scheduled and completed the installation in two days. We were very pleased. Our electric bill has gone to practically nothing. We are especially impressed by the near real time monitoring component of our system which notifies Mr. Tonetti of any problem with the system and enables us to monitor the performance down to the level of the individual module… Very Impressive! About a year ago I got a new router for my Internet connection and didn’t think twice about it. A few days later I got a call from Mr. Tonetti expressing his concern that there was an issue with my system… that it was not reporting performance data to the monitoring server. The PV system’s communication device had to be linked to the new router and that solved the problem. That incident and one other minor component failure covered under warranty have been the only occasions we have had to see Mr. Tonetti in the past three years, but it is gratifying to rely on the fact that he is out there paying attention to our system and waiting for our call should the need arise.



The company that installed my solar electric system several years ago is no longer in business. It turns out that I had to replace my roof late last year and the roofer agreed to have his guys removed the panels. So when the roof was done I was needing to find someone to reinstall my system as the roofer felt he could not do it. I came across Sun Up’s ad in the Yellow Pages and like the idea that they have been in business doing solar work for over forty years. They came out promptly and gave me a reasonable price. The work was scheduled for a couple of days later and they completed the job in one day. Now my system is up and running and the monitoring system that I didn’t even know I had because it was never set up is now giving me daily performance information which I really appreciate. Sun Up will be taking care of my equipment from here on out.


Cedar Park, TX

We had Sunupsolar install a 14 KW solar electric generating system at our home on Lake Travis two years ago. The installation went very smoothly and only took a couple of days. The system has performed beautifully and has reduced our electric bill to a negligible amount each month. We would certainly recommend Sun Up to you anyone interested in installing or servicing this kind of solar system.


Hudson Bend

I had a nine Kw solar electric generating system installed on my house at Lakeway three years ago. Recently I discovered a problem with the system and also discovered that the company who installed my system is no longer in business. I found Sun Up’s ad in the Yellow Pages, called and reached Mr. Tonetti on a Sunday. He was at my house Monday morning to address the problem with my system. I’m delighted to have found someone I can rely on and will not have to think twice about who to call in the future.



Our Sunbelt Solar water heating installation got to be four years old this year and we thought it would be a good idea to have it checked out. We were disappointed to learn that Sunbelt is no longer in business but were happy to find the number for Sun Up Enterprises. With one phone call to them we quickly scheduled an appointment. From their experience with all types of solar water heating systems they had no difficulty relating to our system and were able to quickly confirm that everything was working satisfactorily. We will certainly be keeping their number for future reference.


Manor, TX

I have worked with John Tonetti at Sun-Up on two solar projects over the last 20 years – Solar Water Heaters at my current and previous home. I would love to put in a full Solar system but don’t have the budget for it yet, If I ever do I will certainly contact John. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to Solar having been installing and maintaining systems for over 40 years and was able to answer all of my questions and configure and install the perfect system each time. He is hard working and honest and I unreservedly recommend him should you have a solar project you want to tackle.


Spicewood, Texas

I had a solar electric system installed at my home two years ago without focusing on the fact that I would be needing a new roof before long. When it came time to deal with removing and reinstalling the solar panels so the roofers could replace my roof, I discovered that the folks that did my installation were really not interested in taking care of me and their price was sky high. I was referred to Sun Up by a friend so I gave them a call. Mr. Tonetti came out promptly, gave me a price that was about half of what I had been quoted by my original installer. John instilled confidence that he knew what he was talking about from our first phone call. His crew took the system off in one day and reinstalled it a couple of days after the roofer finished his work. Needless to say, I will be relying on Sun Up in the future.


Georgetown, TX

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